Venetian Village

Nestled on the grounds of The Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal, Venetian Village is a setting of many delightful contrasts that make it the venue in town.

The vibe

Both serene by day and vibrant by night; chic yet relaxed; secluded yet integrated, Venetian Village is a great setting for quality time with the family, as well as a hot spot for the young and fabulous. Its Renaissance-inspired architecture, central plaza and winding cobblestone streets create an old world charm that adds magic and mystery to time spent inside its arches.

The view

From cool, inviting interiors and cosy, comfortable terrace settings, enjoy uninterrupted vistas of turquoise waters and blue skies, As night falls, the warm golden glow from Venetian street lamps, the softly lit exteriors of each restaurant and dancing lights on rippling waters create a sense of magic and wonderment that will take your breath away.

The variety

Beyond the inviting facades of a hand picked selection of restaurants, discover culinary settings and relaxed fine dining experiences that intrigue and delight. Home to an eclectic choice of internationally acclaimed global cuisines, a trendy lounge bar with an imaginative food and beverage menu, as well as the country’s only authentic traditional Emirati dining experience, the Venetian Village is a great place for gourmet adventures.